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Aircam, founded in September 19th 1993, under the corporate name of "Aircam Sistemas Especiais para Cinema e Televisão Ltda.", much has changed since then.

 The main activity of the company is development of equipments and solutions, equipments rental and services related to events, films and television. Nowadays counting on a 27 employees group and managing to, in spite of adversities, continue to invest and enhance itself, believing in a future market where serious companies, professionals and well structured ones will highlight.

Our HT radios operate duly under the necessary and mandatories licenses issued by Anatel (Telecommunications National Agency).

Our equipments are designed and developed by our team of engineers and technicians, attending to those rigid rules of ABNT (Brazilian Association of Technical Standards).

Our aerial shooting equipments were approved with accompanying of aeronautical engineering, possessing the essential CHST (STC - Supplemental Type Certificate), issued by Anac (National Agency of Civil Aviation), which can attain FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) due parity.

Our staff work under the existing labor laws, having all their rights protected and respected at all times.

Currently is very easy to create a new company in the market. Just a computer, an e-mail address, a telephone number and an internet website. Many business happen without any physical contact between customer and supplier, not knowing personally who or what lies behind all those numbers and contact information.

When troubles show up, this meeting forcibly happens in reunions to settle details concerning losses and responsabilities upon the caused problems, if only these reunions happen, if customer and service provider manage to get together.

How can you avoid this to happen? Visit unexpectedly your supplier, afterall there's no need in preparations to show what exists before, ready and available to be provided.

Aircam will always have its doors opened, prompt to receive its customers and friends in its facilities at any moment.

Come and visit us. We will be glad to have you here.




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