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Everything started in the early 80's, on the aviation, precisely on the only helicopter factory of Latin America, Helibras. From there to Campo de Marte airport, the biggest operating center of helicopters in Brazil, it went so fast. Well, as helicopters fly and directors as well, let's put them on board and do some great aerial shootings. But then we found out that helicopters, besides flying, vibrates a little, it's an intrinsic property. Then let's develop an equipment that solves this issue: Aircam Side Mount with a gyroscopic stabilization system, provided by Kenyon Labs, our dear friend Ms. Bobbie Kenyon. It got great, and Cdr. Paulo Mazureck and Nelson Guzzardi approved and they were, at first, our major supporters. There was, however, one more issue to solve: it was not uncommon the need to stablish communication between aircraft and the ground while on doing aerials. Rogério Toni, aka Magrão, asked us for this solution, and his request is an order. Well, let's bring the best HT radios for him, afterall we need to rent our helicopters and equipments, and, let's bring too some wireless earpieces and intercom systems, but they need to be the best available on the market, the guy is demanding.

Great professionals from events, Adilson Tokita, Graça Borges, Ive Angelini, among so many other good people, discovered us little by little. They had, at that time, a serious and insoluble communication problem in their productions, there was no company willing to attend their demmand. In this matter, their problem had been solved. But back to the rotary wings, directors fly higher than helicopters and still not satisfied, requested for frontal and vertical shots! They leaded us towards the development of Aircam Nose Mount, that DP Adrian Tejido first run and enjoyed. One day, Mirela Zunino called us and said "helicopters cause wind and a fan too. You guys always find a way for everything, so here it goes: I'm needing wind for a C&A job!" So we went back to our workshop to settle the trouble and the attainment is since then available: Tufão II, a wind simulator perfect for its intent. Another friend, DP Hebling Jr., brought us another problem needing for a wind solution. To attend his need for a Terra job, we had to simulate a super wind in the face, as a skydiver in a free fall, and then Anaconda was given birth.

The professional maturity consolidated an industrial structure in knowhow, machinery and technical team, what allowed us to step further. Our engineer, Dall'Anese, accepted the challenge and we went straight ahead: Monster, the biggest crane in Latin America, 50 vertical feet from the lens axis. Helicopters fly, cranes don't, but Monster comes close! The Monster project requested a remote head for camera movements. Then, let's develop one too? No, but let's bring one of the best available on the international market. Mr. Boots, from Egripment, gave us a mega support and we managed to bring Hot Head II and Hot Shot with its third axis RollAxis, besides a modular crane to slide over our tracks, called TDT Egripment, which has its own integrated remote head. Our technical and engineering team wanted to show they could do something big, as we had three remote heads and two cranes only; then it was developed Crane Car, that is actually a mix of a great crane with a super pick-up.

Often visiting Cine Gear/LA and NAB/LV, besides enjoying, the trips allowed us to trail new paths and stablish great and longlasting new friendships. Our remote heads were needing some camera and lens control systems (zoom, focus, iris, camera run...), and from this need was born the friendship with Preston Cinema, manufacturer of the best camera and lens control systems of the world. Our friends Mr. Howard, Mr. Mirko and dear Ms. Leticia didn't save efforts to provide us with its excellent systems and services. Mr. Les Zellan, a good friend from ZGC, sent us some PS Technik systems, such as Skater Mini Dolly and its SCU, and our engineers, in order to keep up with news, developed the TurnTable for the couple, reaching exceptional pratical results. But advertisement and motion picture directors, still not satisfied, wanted to use Crane Car and do some aerials with zooms, and to attend this need, we had to count on Nettmann Systems' knowhow. Mr. Bob Nettmann sent us a 5 Axis Stabilized Head, Stab C, which added to Mr. Ron Spongberg training and technical support, allowed us to reach an old dream. Now, creativity limits went over, and we feel like we are in the Olympo.

Life carries on - and it's so good - afterall, we work enjoying every job. Sooner or later, we will create something new and will show up to tell and increase this story. Thanks for reading.




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