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Stab C

Stab C is a unique 5-axis stabilizing camera system which eliminates adverse motion artifacts from pan, tilt and roll. This completely silent system allows a large range of cameras, from Hi-DEF video to full size Arriflex film cameras, weighting up to 32 kg. It can be used on many types of camera cranes, camera cars, cable supports, descender rigs, telescopic cranes, and helicopters producing stable images throughout a typical 25-500mm (film lens) zoom range.

Fully operational in the sitting or hanging mode, STAB-C is able to point straight down, and features adjustable side arms to accommodate many size payloads.

The STAB-C and all its features are fully controllable via Advanced Data Link, which can allow the head and control desk to be miles apart. Advanced Data Link fully integrates with any microwave, laser, RF, IR, or other communication relay systems on the market.

The utmost in creativity can be attained with STAB-C because the roll axis is fully controllable / maneuverable, yet stabilized. It also features Dutch / Tilt compensated steering for operator ease and perfect shots.

This system has been engineered to be fully operational in -30° F freezing weather to to sweltering 120° F temperatures in the harshest of climates. In each of these extreme cases the Stab-C system has worked perfectly, surpassing expectations every time.

The system can be controlled through the ergonomically designed joystick control desk or through the typical gear head wheels for operator comfort.


::Technical Specs::

Head Rotational Axes

Pan: 360° continuous, 0-120°/sec.

Tilt: 123° (+45°-78°) or (+33° -90°), 0-60°/sec.

Roll: +/- 40° max; Steerable or auto level, 0-60°/sec.


For helicopter use, the only one able to have the bracket put on is AS 350 / AS 355 (independently of its skid height) and exceptionally using Aircam Bracket 70K for Stab C mounting.

When working on helicopters, the total time estimated for the preparation and mounting of Bracket 70K, Stab C itself, balancing and everything else is 04:30h and when working on cranes or crane cars the total time estimated is 04:00h. Therefore, we suggest that the preparation is done on the day before the shooting, but is always important a previous discuss to have set the camera model, lenses and takes to be done, professionalizing the operation.




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