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Aircam Side Mount & Gyros absorbs most of the intrinsic vibration of helicopter aerial shootings.


With its dynamic balancing, it provides freedom for lateral and vertical movements, Pan and Tilt, and the camera has its weight completely annulled.


Its base is mounted on the back section of the aircraft cabin, towards one of the side doors, being the cameraman safety ensured with seat belts and legs support.


The equipment is, basically, a small dolly mounted on a track, going from the center to the door of the aircraft, allowing the operator to choose the best position before taking off, according to the shootings to be made.


In its gauntlets you’ll find the camera run command and focus and zoom speed control (Micro Force). Aircam provides Hedén motors for zoom and focus remote control (16 mm and 35 mm) as well as its mounting brackets (Ø = 15 mm and 19 mm) and cabling. For video jobs, we provide cabling for Canon and Fujinon lenses (8 or 12 pin connectors) for camera run and zoom control.


When using BL cameras, a prime lens is required because of the total weight.


Its setup kit allows mounting on AS 350, AS 355, Bell 206, Bell 206L helicopters. The Gyros system is a gyroscopic image stabilization system that absorbs vibrations, providing a closer framework when using Zoom lenses.


We emphasize that Aircam Side Mount & Gyros system is duly approved by the Ministry of Aeronautics / ANAC (CHST 9807-17), obeying the strict technical criteria and aeronautical standards required for such appliance, providing filming staff, pilots and operators the safety and professionalism commensurate to the jobs we attend to accomplish.


Its setup, including equipments, cables, camera and balancing, takes about 01:30 h. Its overweight for air shipment is 250 kg, including cases and batteries.


Any camera package can be used on Aircam Side Mount & Gyros, from HDV to 35 mm.


Flying on AS 350 / AS 355 helicopters, with Aircam Side Mount & Gyros, besides the pilot, up to 3 or 4 technicians can be on board. When flying Bell 206 Jet Ranger, besides the pilot, up to 2 or 3 technicians can be on board. This variation of technicians on board depends on the weight of each one and on the flight programming, what will determine the fueling of the aircraft.




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