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Nose Mount

Aircam Nose Mount was developed aiming the capability to do frontal and vertical helicopter aerial shots. It’s mounted on the external front lower section of the aircraft, being the camera motion electronic controlled through a joystick for Pan and Tilt framework corrections.


Its operational range is approximately 200º in Tilt and 240º in Pan. Both axis can be controlled simultaneously, moving diagonally, with smoothness and precision.


Any camera package can be used on Aircam Nose Mount, from a small HD to 35 mm. It can’t be used though with zoom lenses, being indispensable a wide angle lens. For a better stability of the frame, the longest focal lenght that can be used on a 35 mm camera is a 20 mm, and on a 16 mm camera is a 10 mm.


Its setup kit allows mounting only in AS 350 / AS 355 helicopters, since they are equipped with high skids.


Its setup, including equipments, cables, camera and balancing, takes about 01:30 h. Its overweight for air shipment is 180 kg, including cases and batteries.




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